Tom Hayes is one of the leading architects of the new school of social media marketing and the best-selling author of Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business (McGraw-Hill) and No Size Fits All: From Mass Marketing to Mass Handselling (Penguin/Portfolio).  He has been the chief marketing or communications officer at companies as diverse as Marvell Semiconductor, Enea Software and Applied Materials.  He has also been an adviser to some of the hottest new start-ups in Silicon Valley.  In the 1990s, he was the founding Chairman and CEO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley.

Tom and his work have been profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company magazine, CNBC, CNN and dozens of other publications and media outlets worldwide.  He is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and The Atlantic. Tom is a guest lecturer at the Said School of Business, Oxford University and a winning debater at the Oxford Union.

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