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Published on February 14th, 2008 | by Tom


Yahoo Should Join Forces with Google to Defeat Microsoft

My message to Yahoo: Do No Evil Empire.

Okay, maybe it’s a Silicon Valley thing, but for all the durm und strang surrounding the Microsoft seizure of Yahoo, has anyone fully thought about the unpleasant implications of a world where MFST rules the Net? For the press, the deal points are all the rage, along with he drama and the desperation (Yang eschews Ballmer for Murdoch?), but the ballyhoo has permitted a false premise to take hold. The rationale for the acquisition is that Microsoft needs Yahoo to protect itself from Google. Hell, after that, who is going to protect us from Microsoft? Fight on little friend, fight on. Maybe Yahoo and Google could Think Different and come up with an alternative scheme to save the world from the jack boots. Stranger things have happened.

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