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Published on February 21st, 2008 | by Tom


Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business

Today my new book, Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business, officially launches.

Jump Point is a book about change, particularly the sweeping changes our world will undergo in the next 1000 days. The book tHayes007154562x ells the story of how our lives will be forever altered when the world is finally united in a single economic system: the Networked Economy. At the current rate of technology adoption, that historic event—the Jump Point–is expected to take place sometime before 2011.

After the Jump Point, three billion people—the world’s entire workforce– will be able to connect—buy, sell and trade—with each other unimpeded by intermediaries, regulators or arbiters. In this new world, individuals trump institutions, old school scarcity economics is replaced with the new school network economics, and everything about the way we live, work and play will change.

The book is not about technology per se, but rather the social, political and cultural changes technology is rendering on the world. I see it as an adventure story.

One obvious change will be the mass influx of billions of new consumers and producers into the global mainstream. Many of these people will have been thrust into the modern global economy straight out of medieval times. For many, connection to the networked economy will be by the first piece of technology—probably a web-enabled mobile phone—they have ever used. That means the world market will soon be influenced by many new and strange demands and wants by consumers who are more likely to have eaten bat meat than a Big Mac.

Another big change will be the size of the economic pie. It will get much larger, as two billion more people contribute to the creation of wealth. The result will be a massive global marketplace of a scale we have never known before. The era will welcome our first million employee company, our first trillion-dollar company. And the world’s richest person? It will not be Bill Gates or any other American.

I hope you will not only pick up a copy of Jump Point and read it, I look forward to having an ongoing conversation–debate even–with you about the changes the next thousand days will bring us.

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