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Published on January 21st, 2008 | by Tom


What Does Your TweetStream Say About You?

Ah, the “twittersphere.”

You know a technology is catching on when a culture and food chain sprout up around it. To wit, love the work the guys at Character140 are doing to track patterns in the tweetstream of microblogging utility Twitter.

With the US presidential sweepstakes very much front and center, their Politweets site gives us a tweet-level view to which candidates are generating the most buzz. They also have a great site Twittertale that tracks the spew of dirty words in the twittersphere. Guess I better watch my twitter patter.

One Response to What Does Your TweetStream Say About You?

  1. Where’s your Twitter profile? I do a lot of role playing games, but I’d like to at least follow you. I have to do all the marketing for RolePlayGateway and I think you’d be a great resource.
    Did you see Andy Beal’s list of Marketers on Twitter?

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