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Published on March 7th, 2007 | by Tom


Apple, Google to Team Up on Co-Branded Handheld Device?

You’ve got to love the street chatter percolating from this year’s Morgan Stanley Technology Conference.  My favorite beme is about a possible Apple-Google hook-up, either on a version of the iPhone or on something else co-branded by the two sexy titans. 

83 It is one reasonable way to read the chai leaves on comments made Monday by Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt.  While again denying rumors of Apple-Google merger talks (he doth protest too much?), he revealed a few tidbits that left many doing the new math.  We know this:  Schmidt is of course now on the Apple board of directors.  We know that Google is attempting to work out an accord on video feeds to Apple’s new iPhone.  We know that Google (perhaps Cisco’s largest customer) intervened on behalf of Apple in resolving the iPhone trademark dispute. And on Monday, when Schmidt was asked whether Google and Apple would be competing in the handheld Internet space–as heretofore widely speculated–he left the crowd with these comments:

"I don’t want to comment on rumors," he said, then added: "I will tell you that Google and Apple are doing more and more things together through the normal course of communications … We have similar goals and similar competitors."

Everyone I have talked to believes the implications are clear: expect that something along the lines of a Gphone or a Google-powered iDevice from Apple is in the works.  No word from the infinite loop gang, but I am working on it.

More from Reuters here.

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