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Published on August 2nd, 2006 | by Tom


Bill Cleary

Bill Cleary began his career developing marketing programs in the mid-1970’s for consumer oriented companies such as Pepsi, Welch Foods and Pizza Hut. In 1981 he joined Apple Computer, changing his marketing focus to high-tech, while bringing his highly disciplined approach to consumer marketing to Silicon Valley.  While at Apple, he was very active in the launch of several major products, including the Apple //e and Apple //c.

In 1987 Bill launched a highly sophisticated marketing communications company, and was soon joined by partners Mark Kvamme and Tom Suiter, a former creative director at Apple. In 1995 the partners recognized the benefits of the emerging web, and began working with incredibly exciting and innovative startups. Several of these companies achieved unparalleled success, such as eBay, Amazon and Yahoo. CKS was hailed as one of the most innovative web companies of the 90’s, revolutionizing the development and deployment of web sites and digital media-based programs for companies like Disney, NBC, General Motors, United Airlines and Mitsubishi.

Today Bill continues to put energy into one of his great passions…the successful marketing of Silicon Valley-based companies.

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